Jetski FAQs

Q. I have never ridden before, do I require a special license to hire a jet ski?
A. No license or experience is required. We give full training and supervision to ensure a safe enjoyable experience.

Q. Are there age restrictions?
A. You need to be 16 or over to ride on your own. However, 12 to 16 year olds can ride ride with an adult and younger kids ride ride as passengers. Our oldest riders are a couple of 87 and 81 who have been on our eco tour twice!

Q. How many can ride at once?
A. Our skis can accommodate up to three people however you can share a ski on our river circuit with up to 5 people and take it in turns to ride (min. 1 hour hire).

Q. Do I have to be fit to ride a jet ski?
A. Some of our activities do require a level of fitness and agility, however if you are able to drive a car you will most likely to be able to ride a jet ski. We have a number of different types of jet ski available and will match you to one which best suits your needs. If your are unsure just give us a call.

Q. I am having trouble convincing my family to try jet skiing. What happens if my child or partner doesn’t like it?
A. We have a beach area next to our circuit so anyone who doesn’t want to ride can observe.

Q. We have a large group from work who would like to try something exciting, however we are not all adrenaline junkies. What do you suggest?
A. We often cater to groups such as yours and can put together a package which combines circuit and tour riding to suit your needs. Please call to discuss.

Q. Do you cater to people with disabilities?
A. We certainly do. In some cases it may mean assisted riding as safety is our priority but we are proud to have been able to share the enjoyment of jet skiing with people had never thought it possible.